Prevention - Mission Possible

Prevention – Mission Possible 2016 is an evidence based sports physiotherapy congress. The second international sports physiotherapy congress in Finland, organized by the Finnish Sports Physiotherapists Association, FSPA, will be held in the capital of Finland Helsinki, March 11 – 12. 2016.

Today in sports physiotherapy, the importance of sports injury prevention programs and preventive strategies are recognised as determinant and therapeutic strategies. Therefore it is obvious that injury prevention and illness in sport is the new focus of sports medicine and –rehabilitation, therefore the theme of our congress is prevention.

Without no doubt this congress will represent an ideal platform for a thorough and constructive exchange of views in the growing awareness among sports physiotherapists, not only nationally in Finland but also internationally at sports injury preventive programs and rehabilitation.

The priority of this conference is to highlight the young athletes and possible traps one can experience in the view point of screening strategies and tendon pathology, while trying to maximize the healthy days for youth athletes in order to ensure their maximal performance.

We are happy to inform that Prevention – Mission Possible 2016 will be held in a traditional conference venue in Helsinki – Marina Congress Center.

Register yourself and enjoy a professionally organized conference and catch up with the latest research in a relaxing environment.

On behalf of the organising- and scientific committees I warmly welcome you to Helsinki 2016!

Peter Halén


The Finnish Sports Physiotherapists Association, FSPA