Juha Koistinen, PT, OMT

Juha Koistinen PT, OMT is a certified sports physiotherapist, who has worked as the Head of Product Management and Development for Oy DBC Solutions Ltd (Finland) for 10 years and also as the Head Physio in the High Performance Unit of the Finnish Olympic Committee. Juha is now leading his own clinic operations once again in Espoo and Helsinki, providing sports physiotherapy services for the Sports Academy of Helsinki Capital Region, Urhea.

During the years in DBC Solutions he was the main clinical “architect” of the DBC Knee Concept and collected the best evidence to restore functions in different knee injuries, developed knee treatment protocols and was also member of the documentation software development team. The DBC clinical data has been accumulated and Juha will present some treatment results and practices from a clinical perspective, from science to practice and onward to reasonable business