Ryan Kendrick

  • Ryan Kendrick

Ryan Kendrick BPhty, MPhtySt. 

Developed Dynamic Tapew, he was awarded both of his degrees at the University of Queensland under the expert guidance of respected leaders in the field such as Professors Gwendolyn Jull, Carolyn Richardson, Paul Hodges, Michelle Sterling and Bill Vicenzino.

Ryan’s clinical experience was divided between professional athletes and private musculoskeletal physiotherapy practice. He has worked as Physiotherapist to tennis player Greg Rusedski, former world number four and US Open finalist as part of the ‘Dream Team’ assembled by Pat Cash to resurrect Rusedski’s career after a series of injuries saw him drop from four in the world to 73, with the tennis press writing his career off as a result.

With a strong emphasis on rebuilding his game to reduce load on his body while improving performance along with a rehabilitation program to improve his body’s ability to withstand such load (fastest serve in the world at the time), Greg returned to his winning ways, climbing up the rankings and winning several more ATP tournaments during the remainder of his career which lasted another seven years.

Ryan also spent several years at Essex County Cricket Club and has worked with European Tour Golfers and many Commonwealth and Olympic Games athletes. Ryan has also been a clinical tutor in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy on the Griffith University programme.