Ari Nummela FIN

  • Ari Nummela FIN

Ari Nummela, PhD, adjunct professor, Chief Specialist, Sports Physiology, KIHU – Research Institute for Olympic Sports, Jyväskylä, Finland.

Ari Nummela has more than 25 years career in KIHU working as a researcher and specialist in applied sports science. He has been a writer and an editor in numerous articles and book related to coaching and training. In addition he has published more than 50 peer review articles in scientific journals. His expertise is recognized in endurance training, endurance performance, training load and recovery as well as in altitude training. He has also been active in coaching over 30 years in several sports like sprint and distance running, soccer, orienteering, cross-country skiing etc. with numerous athletes at different age groups and the level from national to international.