Scott Fernquest, UK

“Scott graduated from Oxford Medical School in 2013 and is completing specialty training in orthopaedic surgery. Scott is currently in the final year of his DPhil at the University of Oxford as a member of the Sion Glyn-Jones research group. Scott’s research focusses on the effect of exercise on developing joints during adolescence. Working closely with Southampton Football Club has allowed the development of a unique cohort of adolescent elite level football players and age matched controls. Longitudinal study of this cohort has provided significant insights into the development of normal and abnormal hip and knee anatomy, and the pathophysiology of a number of conditions. Scott’s interests also lay in the validation of compositional MRI as a surrogate measure of cartilage quality and early cartilage pathology. Scott is a lecturer in medicine at Worcester College Oxford and a university departmental tutor in orthopaedics. Scott is a keen sportsman and currently plays rugby for the University of Oxford.”